Ciudad Cannabis positions itself as the first cannabis portal in Latin America

Its founder, Luis Alfonso Muchacho, proposed to build a reference point for communication in the Spanish-speaking community.

Ciudad Cannabis was born in November 2018, as a web portal for news around cannabis and its impact on the world, previously, its founder, Luis Alfonso Muchacho proposed to build a reference media in the Spanish-speaking community.

To achieve this goal, Muchacho considered it important to establish commercial alliances. One year ago, Mary Jane Innovative Group and Nirvana Assets established agreements and gave way to CCMedia Group LLC.

The team was consolidated by professionals in charge of planning and creating news content, approached from a comprehensive perspective, in order to inform and educate at the same time, just when more people are interested in knowing the benefits of cannabis.

Ciudad Cannabis arrived to respond to this need, with information based on various scientific studies, specialists, speakers, events and current events in the area.


Receptivity is notorious. Internet users visit ciudadcannabis.com and its social networks (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) every day to interact and keep up to date with information. In these digital spaces, users find new and varied topics related to the cannabis industry, its advances and innovations in the medical, cosmetic, therapeutic, cultivation and recreational, as well as all the details of the most important cannabis events that take place in different parts of the world.

A formula that generates good results and allows Ciudad Cannabis to get closer to its goal, because in little more than a year, the volume of traffic on the web is expanding. The number of visits increased by 2.600% during the last semester, a significant figure in the sector and a growth rate higher than that of other similar digital media. In fact, in that line, Ciudad Cannabis is positioned as the first most visited portal in Latin America and the sixth worldwide, according to alexa.com.

«We are satisfied with the achievements so far, this in turn commits us to further optimize our work to reward our readers and increase the audience,» said Muchacho, «the goal is to continue to grow in traffic until we reach the first place in the worldwide» he emphasized.

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